Modern Barns to Obsess Over

While scrolling through our Pinterest feed, we came across some amazing photos of heritage barns in Europe that people had converted into ultra-modern homes. Needless to say, we're now obsessed with barns! After hours of scrolling through designs from around the world, we've chosen 5 of our favourite barns. So clear the cow stalls, we're mooo-ving in!


french barns
modern french barns

Red Barn

If you are looking for a holiday home or party venue to rent in a German village than we’ve found the one for you. The Red Barn is a 140-year-old barn that’s been completely modernised by German architect, Thomas Kroger, and the team at TKA. The lower half of the barn, that once housed stalls for cattle and sheep, is now a brick laid grand hall perfect for celebrations. The barn’s upper back half, which was once the old farmer’s courters, meat smoke room, and pigeon coup, is now a crisp and clean modern home.

MOTIV Architects barn

Swallowfield Barn

Unlike the other barns on this list, Swallowfield Barn was recently built and is a fully functioning hobby farm (complete with livestock and surrounding garden). Located right here in Vancouver’s lower mainland, Swallowfield Barn was a family project for MOTIV Architects, who created this modern homestead for the principal architect’s parents. We love that they are keeping the simple way of life relevant, alive, and architecturally spectacular.

alpine barn
OFIS Architects barn

Alpine Barn Apartment

Brick and mortar barns were once a staple landmark on the Slovenian countryside but now they are being replaced by generic homes or left to crumble. To preserve the rural lifestyle of the area, OFIS Architects met the current trend in the middle by preserving an existing barn’s exterior and completely transforming the interior into a monochromatic family home made from slats and sheets of deep-brushed local spruce.

modern barn architecture
Antonin Ziegler

Zinc Barn

Parisian architect Antonin Ziegler had his own strategy when converting this countryside barn into a modern home. Instead of preserving the original wood cladding, the barn was stripped down to its timber structure and then wrapped in untreated monolithic zinc. In complete contrast, the interior wooden walls of the barn were left bare, giving a perfect unison of rustic wood and modern finishes.

Carl Turner Architects

The Ochre Barn

To keep the integrity of the Ochre Barn’s original long structure, Carl Turner Architects designed an open space home that’s divided into zones distinguished by furniture arrangements and existing supporting walls. This allowed them to design a functional home with a series of doors that let’s one view down the entire length of the home. Perfect for creating a natural cooling corridor during the summer months!

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WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
The Red Barn - Thomas Heimann
Swallowfield Barn - Emma Peter Photography  
Alpine Barn Apartment - Tomaz Gregoric.
Zinc Barn - Antonin Ziegler
Ochre Barn - Ioana Marinescu, Tim Crocker

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