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Slab Collection x Studio Block

Union Wood Co expands their collaboration with Vancouver-based designer Studio Block, introducing six strikingly simple pieces to the Slab Collection. These complementary tables and storage cabinets build upon the initial set of Slab Chairs and Stools launched in 2021. 

minimalist furniture canada

Featured: Slab Dining TableSlab Dining Chairs, and Slab Storage Cabinet

The Slab Collection is a collaboration of thoughtful design and sound construction in which Studio Block pairs its philosophy of reductionism with Union Wood Co’s foundation in building high-quality, meaningful furniture. Together, the two companies have created a functional grouping of minimalist furniture that blends harmoniously into any space.



The additions to the Collection continue Lewis’ initial perspective to design furniture that easily integrates into people’s lives without distraction. The simplicity in form and function allows the furniture to serve its fundamental purpose—tables and chairs create a space for gathering, storage pieces eliminate clutter, and accent tables offer convenient surfaces.


minimalist furniture - stool, side table and cabinet

Featured: Slab Counter Stool, Slab Side Table & Slab Storage Cabinet 

minimalist furniture - coffee table, end tables, and sofa

Characterized by simple geometric shapes and architecture-inspired profiles, the series of furniture explores the potential of lines as well as shared dimensions and planes. The relation of dimensions is achieved by protruding panels and ‘floating’ surfaces. The resulting right-angled corners create depth and accentuate the lines of the design.


minimalist furniture - chair and side table

Featured: Slab Dining Chair & Slab Side Table (small) 

The grouping is visually satisfying as a collection, as well as a simple pairing.

minimalist side table

Featured: Slab Side Table (small) - detail

About the Wood

Natural wood brings warmth to the Slab Collection’s sleek profiles. The grain pattern creates surface interest that’s entirely unique in every piece. 

The wood used throughout the series is ash, a hardwood valued for its lightweight, durable, and elastic qualities. All of the furniture is available in three finishes: natural ash, whitewashed ash, and blackened ash. A matte commercial-grade coating protects the surfaces without disrupting the organic beauty of the wood.

Featured: Slab Dining Table & Dining Chairs

Unlike the dining chairs and stools which have the ability to be constructed from solid wood, the Slab tables are constructed from a mix of solid wood tabletops and high-quality FSC-certified ash veneer bases. The
Slab Storage Cabinet and Credenza are constructed from FSC-certified veneer to allow for movement while keeping the wood panels stable.

The wood is carefully selected by hand, and the furniture is made to order in Union Wood Co’s Vancouver, Canada, workshop.


Interview with Alyssa Lewis of Studio Block

We spoke with the designer, Alyssa Lewis, for insight into her latest minimalist furniture designs. 

Why did you want to extend the collection?

I think it’s important to expand a collection to see how it can transform in form and function with different uses, and to create a micro universe where a space can be completely outfitted in that one language now that the collection has tables and chairs. 

I also like the thought process and creative problem solving that surrounds the evolution of a furniture collection like the Slab Collection—in considering how initial problems become solutions to create new but related details that can be seen in the table legs, expanding the language further.

What did you learn from designing the chairs first and how did you apply that to the new designs?

I find the chairs very successful in everyday use in terms of comfort, aesthetically they fit nicely into many varied environments, and they offer a lot of space saving with their minimal profile. The details in the tables have been adapted to the production methods needed and have further evolved the Slab Collection language quite nicely with formal ‘stacking’ at connections.


minimalist conference table

Featured: Slab Conference Table

Has your philosophy of reductionism evolved since the chairs were released?

My philosophy around reductionism hasn’t changed, I will always design and create with this thinking in mind. What it ultimately means to me as a designer is to remove the unnecessary as far as possible such as in minimalism, in order for designed objects to seamlessly fit into space subliminally communicating a sense of ease and trust. So that the Slab Collection has a surrounding feeling that these pieces are of high quality and will have longevity in use and staying power.


What are some positives you experienced while collaborating with UWC?

UWC is always very receptive to my thoughts and ideas and do the best they can to meet my demands which at times can be challenging as I am very particular. I appreciate our continued collaborations and hope that the Slab Collection continues to remain successful.

What's your ideal setting for the furniture?

Anywhere and everywhere, which I think is the point of the collection.

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