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Meet the Refreshed Union Wood Company

Nice style, nice service. Welcome to the refreshed Union Wood Co — a new look that digs into our longstanding history of quality craft and industry. 

We started Union Wood Co in 2009 with the goal of offering quality, meaningful handcrafted wood furniture. This hasn’t changed, and our new brand refresh is an opportunity to share with you just how much we love to design furniture that brings people together — over good food, good conversation, and with good company.


Featured Above: A-Frame Dining Table in whitewashed ash and white stretcher

Featured Below: Rift Shuffleboard Table in oxidized oak


Union Wood Co started out building furniture from salvaged wood from demolition sites, which was a sustainable approach, but also a furniture trend at the time. Today, we  design and build modern solid wood furniture meant to withstand any trends — timeless and quality pieces that can be loved, well-used, and passed down over time. We chose to do this refresh at Union Wood Co because we wanted to pay homage to our passion for modern design, but also to not lose sight of our blue collar past and heritage design inspirations. 



Take a look at our new logo and new look for Union Wood Co. From the talented graphic designer Unto Dust, our crisp new logo has been thoughtfully-designed with custom, hand-drawn lettering, giving it an inviting vibe and showing our respect for quality goods made by passionate professionals.



In our refresh, we took inspiration from archival images of the industrial past and historical woodworking, because we believe in honouring tradition through craft, techniques, and materials. Each piece of furniture we send out has been made by the hands  in our independent furniture studio in Vancouver, Canada. 

We’re stoked to share our fresh look with you, and can’t wait for all the great things we’ve got planned in  2023. From new partnerships to growing our product range, some very good things are ahead at Union Wood Co — and we’re happy to have you along for the journey. Curious to find out more? Explore our Union Wood Co workshop and get a sense of our shop, or check out our team and who we are.



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