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Boardroom Tables: Finding the Perfect Table for Your Office

If you’re just starting to shop for a new boardroom table, you’ve come to the best place! Finding the right boardroom table for your office can be a challenge. When you Google “boardroom tables,” everything comes up from small plastic meeting tables to quality handmade tables like the ones we make at Union Wood Co.

 the perfect boardroom table

Our 5 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Boardroom Table

We want to make your sourcing experience as enjoyable and easy as possible, so we’ve combined our ten years of working with clients and building furniture to assemble an essential list of everything you need to consider when sourcing the perfect boardroom table. Here are our 5 tips!

 perfect boardroom table

1) Have a Budget in Mind

Having a predetermined budget is probably the best place to start when beginning to look for boardroom tables. This will give you an accurate gauge on where you start shopping. You don’t want to waste your time looking for a table at companies who are below or above your budget. It will also be extremely handy when you start working with a woodworker or salesperson. When a client comes to us with a dollar amount we can easily guide them to a design that works for their needs.

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2) Know Your Brand

A boardroom table is an easy opportunity to define your brand. Make sure your table is dressed for the part when hosting clients or collaborating with your colleagues. Investing in quality furniture gives the impression of a well-established business. It will give your clients confidence in your expertise and inspire everyone who sits around it to do their best work.

how to find a boardroom table

3) Take Advantage of Space

Your boardroom table will be the focal point of the space it’s in. It will ground the room for its intended use so you’ll want it to be an investment that compliments the space around it. Take pictures of the room so you have an easy reference to look at when determining the style of your boardroom table. Also, knowing the overall dimension of the space will help you determine the size of table to get. Keeping the table proportionate to the room will ensure everyone who uses the space will be comfortable while using the space.

how to choose a boardroom table

4) Keep Function in Mind

Who will sit at the table will help narrow down many specifications you’ll need to consider. Do you need a meeting table for afternoon conference calls or presentation space for prospective clients? Knowing the table's intended functions will help determine how many seats you’ll need, the level of comfort, and who you need to impress.

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5) Plug Into Your Electronics

Integrated electronics and A/V equipment are the cornerstones of business today. Chances are, every meeting that happens around your boardroom table will have an electronic component that needs a hookup of some sort. Have a look around the room your table is going in and take note of where your power sources are (do you have floor or wall outlets?). When clients come to us knowing the electronics they need, we’re able to come up with clever design details to seamlessly integrate the electronics into the table’s design.

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Now that we’ve covered our tips for finding the perfect table for your office, you should read our blog post Boardroom Tables - An Experts Guide to Finishes. In it, we cover the pros and cons of three common wood options you’ll come across.

One of the best parts of our jobs is working with clients to help them find the best furniture for their space. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions, talk design, or put together a quote. Contact us at the shop! You can also shop our boardroom table collection to see all of the designs we have to offer.

Written By: Todd Mitchell
Photo Credits: All images are from Union Wood Co. unless specified below.
Have a Budget in Mind Left - Project from Taylor Pressly Architects, Photograph by Tom Blachford
Keep Function in Mind - Davis Furniture
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