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Join Our Crew: The Union Wood Co Look

Standing around the Union Wood Co. shop, you’d quickly see there is a standard look we’re all pretty much rocking. There’s a lot of hard work that has to get done on the daily, so our garb has to be as comfortable as it is practical. But, of course, we still want to look sharp for a quick Instagram video.

Want to look like you’re a part of the crew? Here’s everything you’d need.


1. Casual Hats 

union hat

Our Union Hats just arrived! Our caps, available in blue or tan corduroy, will keep your noggin dry in the rain, shaded in the summer, and just looking fine all year long.


2. Patagonia Fleece

fleece pullover

There is nothing cozier than a fleece pullover. Patagonia’s are lightweight and breathe well so we’re able to freely move from project to project without having to worry about a wardrobe change or malfunction!

Get the Patagonia Men's Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover from Patagonia for $139.00


3. Carhartt Pants

stylish work pants

When you’re working in the shop, you just can’t have enough pockets. Pens, pencils, bits, tools, they all need a safe place between jobs so they don't mysteriously disappear.

Get a pair of Firm Duck Double-Front Work Dungarees from Carhartts for $49.99


4. Shop Aprons

stylish apron

Aprons are an absolute staple, for us and anyone who works with their hands! They’ll keep your duds clean and have even more handy pockets for quick grab items like notepads, tape measures, and your phone.


5. Blundstone Boots

stylish safety boots

These are an old faithful that keeps us all with ten toes! Blunstones are comfortable enough to keep us on our feet all day but are easy enough to slip off when it’s time to put our feet with a cold one. 

Get a pair of Blundstone 1308's from Blundstone for $219.95 (see CSA Greenpatch models for proper workboots) 


6. Sawdust

sexy carpenter

No matter what, if you enter the shop you’ll be sure to leave wearing our staple accessory, sawdust. Instead of fighting it, we’ve adopted a more is more philosophy because there is no point in trying to fight the inevitable.

Stop in at Union Wood Co. to get sawdust all over yourself for $0.00

Now that you’re decked out in the Union Wood Co. look, we’ll get you rotated into the project schedule. You’ve used a bandsaw before, right? 

If you like our style, check out our Union Wood Co's Gift Guide For All The Men In Your Life post.

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell


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