Ellora Power Box in silver aluminum
Ellora desktop power access
Ellora Power Box in black aluminum
Ellora Power Box - lid closed
Double Ellora Power Box
Ellora Power Box - double
Double Ellora in silver

Ellora Power Box

Out of sight, out of mind. The Ellora Power Box* is a simple, yet stylish way to bring power and data up to the work surface.

Elloras's smart design keeps cable clutter out of sight by allowing access when the lid is closed, with its flip-style cover. Configurations from two to eight windows are available. Includes a 72" plugin cord (also available hardwired).

Choose from black or silver aluminum.

This smart design is also available in a back-to-back format: the Double Ellora Power Box offers twice as much action, easy to reach from both sides of the tabletop.

Ellora Power Boxes are only available to order with your Union Wood Co office furniture purchase.

Single Ellora size: approx 5"-14" x 5"

Double Ellora size: approx 5-14" x 10"

Common Configurations (per side):

  • Other configurations available: Open Data, Cat 6, HDMI - please inquire with your specific needs