Burelé Qi surface power unit
Burelé Qi surface power unit Canada
Burelé Qi unit with clamp mount
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Burelé Surface Mount - Qi Charger

Residing right on your tabletop, the Burelé Surface Mount is both a Qi-certified charger (yup, lay your phone right on top!) and central power hub station.

Never lose a charge with this little companion. Besides wireless charging, the Burelé Qi also offers four plug-in options. Includes a clamp to mount on the edge of your work surface, removing the need to cut or drill holes in your beautiful tabletop.

The Burelé Surface Mount Qi Charger is only available with a Union Wood Co office furniture purchase.

Includes a 72" cord. Available in white or black.

Approx 6" length.

Common Configurations:

Prices starting at $349.00

Made to order in 3-5 days

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