Vintage Industrial Table: You've Got An Old Friend

vintage industrial table

It’s pretty easy to see that we have a soft spot for antiques. Furniture from the good ole’ days has a quality of construction that you can’t help but trust. For us, antiques are old family friends you invite over for beers to catch up with and remember the good times. That’s the exact essence we wanted to recreate when we designed the Vintage Industrial Table.

Our favourite part of the design is its blackened steel legs. It’s not only because these gams bare our name, it’s the reason why they do that we love them so much.

industrial furniture

The legs are modeled after the OG of The Industrial Revolution, the lathe. Lathes were the first machines used by craftsmen of wood and metal to produce goods, such as candlesticks and gun barrels, on the industrial scale. The legs of these machines look exactly like our table legs and, being the history buffs we are, just like the original tables, ours have the name of the manufacturer forged into the crossbar.

industrial table

The Vintage Industrial Table has a few beautiful solid wood options for the table top, including the oxidized oak and reclaimed fir seen in this post. Check out the product page to see the other options and to place your order.


WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell

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