Union Wood Co. to represent Canada on WorkOf.com

We’d like to share some amazing news with you guys. Union Wood Co. has become the first company to represent Canada on WorkOf.com, an online marketplace for the best interior design pieces in the US. It’s a milestone for us as a maker, but’s it’s also a special moment for the NY based platform. WorkOf.com has officially gone international and we couldn't be happier to be part of the team!

What is WorkOf.com?

It’s not just an online marketplace for both creators and collectors, it’s a contemporary design mecca for people who are in love with modern aesthetics. WorkOf.com began as a virtual collective of New York designers only three years ago. Now it has grown and has become the online home for such legendary brands as 100xbtr, Allied Maker, Bower, Coil + Drift, FIELD, Grain, Sean Woolsey, VOLK Furniture, and so many others. It’s quite an honor for Union Wood Co. to be selected to be sold on the same website with the North American icons of furniture design.

UWC Goes to NYC

Union Wood Co. products are already available for sale in the US, but now they can be purchased with other great things on the online marketplace WorkOf.com.

Check out our feature page here: https://workof.com/shop/d/union-wood-co


The first collage: WorkOf.com

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