The Best Of Our Best From 2017

Like many of you, we’re taking this holiday limbo time to sit back, digest, and contemplate back on our 2017. It’s been a prosperous year for us at Union Wood Co! We’ve had some great projects come through our shop door and have worked with even greater people. Though every part of the year has been amazing, here are our best of the best from 2017!

1. me&lewis Office Space

modern office furniture

This was a fulfilling project for us because me&lewis gave Union Wood Co. carte blache over every inch of the design. The showstoppers ended up being the cantilevered workstations we built out of heavy gauge steel and whitewashed oak. Each workstation seats up to four people and was built with an integrated system for wire and data management. 

2. TurF

modern cafe furniture

In collaboration with the amazing Sophie Burke Design, we helped transform the notoriously vacant Hell’s Kitchen on Vancouver’s West 4th Ave into the now light and airy TurF. TurF is a community leader in wellness who offers a studio space with fitness classes, a great retail space, and delicious eats in its café.

If you haven't been in to check it out, you should go right away. And if you like what you see so far, keep following our blog to read a future story about Sophie Burke Design's design for TurF. 

3. Birch Bark Series 

birch bark finish

One of our personal favourite designs we have to offer is our signature birch bark series. These furniture pieces highlight the stunning natural texture of birch bark. This year we’ve been fortunate enough to have the birch bark series featured in media across North America and have, in turn, had several orders come through, including this recently completed birch bark side table.

4. Bed Design

modern storage bed

Blackened wood is a finish we’ve always crushed on, so when we had a private client selected it for their custom bed, our hearts melted. At first glance, the bed may seem modest, but it’s the design’s subtle angles and smooth lines that give it a timeless look of elegance we were hoping to achieve. And an added bonus, the mattress hinges up for maximum storage underneath. You gotta love that!  

Check out all of the beds we have to offer in the Bedroom section of our website.

5. I.F.L.Y Wood Tray 

personalized wood trays

We’re not shy about our feelings here, if we love you, we fucking love you! So, when it came time to personalize our catchall trays, it was a no-brainer.

This year, we developed and launched a whole new section of our website and business. We now offer quality and thoughtful custom gifts you can personalize with messages or your company logo. The possibilities are endless so contact us with your ideas!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! Thank you for your continued support. It's 100% appreciated! Cheers to all that is to come for us and you in 2018!

happy new year

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
me&lewis - Alison Page
Turf - Gillian Stephens Photography


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