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IDS Vancouver: Our 2019 Wood Installation

See our booth from IDS Vancouver and find out more about its concept.
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We’re Quitting Life and Moving into the Forest House

Find out why we'd give up everything to live in this house that was designed to be a part of the forest where it was built.
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Our Collaboration with Fluevog

Check out the collaboration we did with Canadian shoe store and design icon, Fluevog. Together we built an antique inspired cash desk for their Granville Street location in Vancouver.
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5 Signs Your Workspace is Ready to Rock

Douglas Coupland describes the lonely cubicle farms as “veal fattening pens” in his book Generation X. He’d be happy to know that the cubicle era is finally fading away.
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The Places We’d Like to Call Home

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s one of these 6 amazing places. When Union Wood Co. is designing new pieces, we often look to architecture for inspiration so we created a list of places that get our heart rate going. 
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