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Modern Barns to Obsess Over

Our current obsession is modern barns. Here are a few of our favourite designs from around the world!
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5 Desert Homes to Spend the Rest Of Winter In

Escape the cold weather with our list of modern homes built against stunning desert landscapes!
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5 Modern Cabins We're Hibernating In This Winter

We've picked our five favourite modern cabins from around the world that we'd love to spend all winter in.
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Design Crush: Finnish Designed Sauna Savu

Meet Sauna Savu, the sexy sauna coming to us straight from its homeland of Finland.
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Enter a Whole New World with the Ant House

Discover a hidden world designed by Japanese designers mA-style architects. This single family home is a beautiful example of minimalism with a warm touch.
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Our 24 Hour Guide to San Francisco

Check out our killer travel guide for a packed day in beautiful San Fransisco. We have ideas for everything from meal recommendations to prime Instagram spots.
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We’re Quitting Life and Moving into the Forest House

Find out why we'd give up everything to live in this house that was designed to be a part of the forest where it was built.
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The Places We’d Like to Call Home

There’s no place like home, especially when it’s one of these 6 amazing places. When Union Wood Co. is designing new pieces, we often look to architecture for inspiration so we created a list of places that get our heart rate going. 
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