Our Gift Guide For All the Men In Your Life

Why is it that dads, uncles, brothers, and the butcher are so hard to shop for? Either they already have everything or they’re hoping for Santa to pull up in a shiny new Mustang. Sorry, Pops, but it ain’t gonna happen this year!

Our gift guide meets them somewhere in the middle. We have some suggestions for gifts they don’t necessarily need but are all things that will help bring a little extra class into their lives. They'll love you for it!


1. Wood Cheese Board 

wood serving board

There is nothing classier than a man who has everything it takes to throw a party. We can guarantee our board will be the best-looking serving tray at any shindig because each Wood Cheese Board is made to enhance the beauty of the wood it’s carved from.

Available at Union Wood Co. for $43.99


2. The Walnut Hill Backpack

leather backpack

The Walnut Hill Backpack has room for him to lug around all his workout gear, computer, tools, and whatever he wants to throw over his shoulder. He'll have everything he needs, all while looking like the rugged mountain man his job and bills stop him from being.  

Available at Nordstrom for $528.32


3. Wool Twill Jacket 

men's wool jacket

Being practical is one thing but being practical AND looking sharp is where it’s at! The Wool Twill Jac-Shirt will keep him warm and looking handsome.

Available at Filson for $250.00


4. I.F.L.Y Wood Tray 

catchall ray

Sometimes it’s a challenge to let a guy know how you feel about him, especially if he’s the strong silent type. Let the I.F.L.Y Wood Tray say it for you. Every time he goes to grab his keys, he’ll get the warm fuzzies.

Custom options are available if the F-bomb doesn’t express your feelings in quite the right way.

Available at Union Wood Co for $54.99


5. The Uniform Square Cuff

men's bracelet

The Uniform Square Cuff isn’t so flashy that your guy will be mistaken for a Kardashian. It has just enough bling to turn a few heads his way. This is the kind of arm candy he’ll be into.

Designed by CraigHill for $48.00


6. Leather Growler Carrier

leather growler carrier

We’re all about bike safety here. Helmets, lights, and hand-crafted leather growler carriers are all a must. What? Don’t you want him to keep himself and his growler safe?

[Sorry, we're no longer making this item but ask Google to help you find one.]


7. Dinner at the Long Table Cookbook 

cookbook gift ideas

The best meals are the ones made with the people you love. Dinner at The Long Table is all about bringing people together for a good time while they prep and cook their meal.

Available at Old Faithful Shop for $54.99


8. The Squarestreet Plano Series Watch

men's watch

Some people would say owning a watch is pointless because our phones keep time for us. We say, to hell with that! The Squarestreet Plano Series watch separates the gentlemen from the boys.  

Available at Litchfield for $345.00


9. Union Shop Apron

union shop apron

Whether the men in your life are painters, carpenters, chefs or the always needed handyman, our Union Shop Aprons will have them looking like the pros they are (or think they are).

Available at Union Wood Co for $110.00 


10. Barbershop Experience 


By the time Christmas rolls around, everyone is exhausted! So a straight razor shave and a hot eucalyptus towel wrap at a local barbershop would be a great way for him to end the holidays. Added bonus, it’s a surefire way to get his scruff cleaned up for New Years!

One of our favourite shops in Vancouver is Barber & Co. Contact them to see what services are best suited for your gift plans.

We'd say good luck with shopping this year but you don't need it now, we've got you covered! Happy holidays to you and all the fellas in your life!

WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell

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