Interior Design Trend Predictions for 2018

We’re well into 2018 and here at Union Wood Co., we’re in it to win it! To help us all stay ahead of this year’s predicted trends, we’ve scoured the internet to find our favourites. Come December 31st you can join us in saying, “Called it!”

2018 interior design trends

Statement Ceilings

Go bold with intricate patterns in wallpaper and wood, or be subtle with some striking colour blocking. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to give your ceiling some tender loving.

decor trend 2018

Blue/Green Cabinets

Adding colour to your cabinets can seem like a huge commitment but sticking to calming colours like blue and green will give you the colour punch you want without rainbow remorse.

We're huge fans of the blue cabinet Oliver Simon Design paired with our Sawyer Table!

Start gravitating towards furniture and architectural details with shapely curved lines instead of the sharp rectangular lines we’re so used to seeing in furniture showrooms.

Dark Wood Furniture

Dark wood furniture acts as an anchor point in a room. A dark finish, such as oxidized oak, will draw the attention of your guests to areas you'd like to highlight like a bookshelf full of treasures or the dining table everyone should gather around for dinner.

Set your anchor with our Sawyer Table in your dining room or the Tuesday Table!

Wall Paneling

Panelling your walls will add a sense of charm and class to your home. Think a modern aesthetic with clean lines instead of stuffy and traditional and we’re sure you’ll be sold on the idea.

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WRITTEN BY: Todd Mitchell
Statement Ceiling - B/OS Architecture
Blue/Green Cabinets - Oliver Simon Design 
Curves - We Are Huntly
Dark Wood Furniture - Studio Joanna Laajisto
Wall Paneling - Found on At Home with Abbey

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