5 Easy Gifts for Foodies and Cooks

serving board

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the foodie people in your life don’t need more appliances and kitchen tools that don’t get much use other than cluttering up the kitchen. They want something sexy and practical.

A beautiful hand-cut serving board that your foodie can use in multiple ways fits the bill here. Not just for cutting and preparing food, wood boards are the perfect vehicle for serving and presenting their food – and they look amazing on display when not in use.

You can tailor your gift by choosing the size, shape and wood, then maybe add a name, handle and bumper feet. Amp up the gift with suitable ‘accessories’ (see below).

This is the easiest part: order it online. 

Here are 5 ways of developing this easy gift further for foodies and cooks, from the simple to the more advanced.


1. Easy Cheese Board

Take the smaller handled board in whatever wood you think is up their alley, and pair it with a cheese knife or two. Wrap it up in baker’s twine.

wood cheese board

We found a couple of beauty copper cheese knives at the Old Faithful Shop (see below) and at Nineteen Ten.

copper cheese knife from Old Faithful Shop

2. Advanced Cheese Board

Start with the smaller handled board in your choice of wood, and pick up three or more cheeses to go with it. Obviously, this step needs to be completed closer to the gifting date otherwise it gets complicated.

advanced cheese board idea

Image credit: The Vault Files 

Choose cheeses with a range of appearances and flavours. Ask your local cheese shop for recommendations or kick your feet up and order a small selection online (from local Vancouver shop les amis du fromage).

Make this gift even more desirable with a little cheese-worthy condiment, olives, nuts, a box of rustic crackers like Raincoast Crisps and a cheese knife.

Check out this post on creating Epic Cheese Plates for the 101.


3. Starter Serving Board

Take our traditional serving board in any size, width and wood (seen at the top of the post).

Add a bottle of Butcher Block Oil so they can take good care of their new serving board, and you’re done. Non-toxic and food safe, they can use this oil on any wood kitchen tools to extend the lifespan.

Butcher Block Oil

4. Charcuterie Board

Start with our wood serving or cutting board, and add an array of cured meats, cheeses and “accents” like spreads, dried fruit, nuts, olives, pickles, bread or crackers. You can either package all of this up in an open gift box format or put it together for the recipient on the spot.


Image credit: Honestly YUM

This makes a killer host gift. If you’ve been asking to bring a dish, jump on this one by buying the ingredients to share and then gifting the board to the host. You’ll be invited back for sure.

Foodies will also die for this if you include their favourite foods on a gorgeous serving board that they get to keep.

See this post for a handy infographic on putting together the best charcuterie board.


5. Classic Cutting Board

Everyone needs a high-quality cutting board and decent knives in their kitchen. For this gift, pick up our rectangular cutting board and customize it with handles.

wood cutting board

Then find a stellar-quality knife like this Opinel bread knife from Old Faithful Shop, or any other premium cutting knife that your foodie can use with their new board.

Optional bread knife from Old Faithful Shop

Have a question about our wood serving boards? Drop us a line.

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