10 Essentials to BBQ Like A Pro This Weekend

August long weekend is almost upon us! There is no doubt we’ll all be taking full advantage of the sun while we have it. Chances are more than a few of us will be planning a BBQ for our family and friends. We’ve made a list of the essentials any BBQ’er needs to impress their guests.

1. BBQ

First things first, we need the ultimate griller. How about the Summit Charcoal Grill from Weber? Best thing about this one is it’s a charcoal burner with a gas ignition starter. You’ll get that smoky flavour you want without the hassle of pre burning charcoals.

 Available through Kerrisdale Lumber for $2499.00 CND

2. Apron

Avoid getting yourself covered in grease and sauce splatters by covering up with one of our shop aprons. You'll look as sharp as us!

Available through Union Wood Co. for $110.00 - $125.00 CND

3. Recipe Book

Want your grill skills to be a legend in the neighbourhood? Try some recipes from the pros behind Pitmaster. That cover photo is enough to get anyone’s mouth-watering, geez!

Available through Amazon.ca for $26.15 CDN

4. Tool Set 

We’re drooling over this sleek set by New York designers, the Schmit Brothers. The handles are finished in beautiful black scorched steel. Seems appropriate, considering the occasion.

Available through Crate & Barrel for $149.95 CND

5. Cast Iron Grill Press

Why do grill marks make everything look so delicious? Get perfectly straight lines with this handy press. 

Available through Crate & Barrel for $39.95 CND

6. Flask

While everyone else is lounging around the yard, the BBQ’er is usually having a party of one over the grill. How about stepping the party up with one of our wooden flasks? Just don’t go too hard, you have a job to do!

Side note, these beauties make a great group gifts that can be customized for any occasion.

Available through Union Wood Co. for $30.99 CND (customization is additional)

7. Beer Pairing 

Breweries have been stepping their game up with tons of varieties of crafted brews for us to choose from. So it’s time to step our game up too by buying the brew that pairs best with what’s on the grill.

Here’s a helpful guide by SeriousEats.com to trick all your guests into thinking you’re an expert connoisseur.

If you are in Vancouver, try 33 Acres Brewing Company for a solid selection of beers. Prices vary.

8. Bottle Opener 

There is nothing worse than realizing the beer you bought does not have a twist off top. Avoid the tragedy by being prepared with one of our walnut bottle openers.

If you are feeling like a baller, customize a set for all your guests with an engraved message. #bestbbqever

Available through Union Wood Co. for $13.99 CND (customization is additional)

9. BBQ Sauce

In a pinch for some sauce on your burgers or ribs? Try one of these flavour packed artesian BBQ sauces made in our hometown of Vancouver. Mix things up with the spicy mango flavour and grilled pineapple!

Available through Jackson's Meat & Deli for $8.95 CND

10. Cooler

Increase your swank factor with the classiest cooler we’ve ever seen. Fill that bad boy up with a few packs of beer and maybe a couple juice boxes for the kids.   

 Available through CB2 for $469.00 CND

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